The difference between shoulder bag and travel backpack

  • Shoulder bags and travel backpacks are backpacks that can be worn on the shoulders. Freeing our hands can do other things. The shoulder bag is suitable for students in the school and the Business Travel Backpack Suppliers is suitable for outdoor sports.

    The bag is small and the function is relatively simple. The main function is to load books, generally two inner pockets, one big and one small. One of them will have a pocket for stationery. Travel backpacks are generally large, and a variety of small pockets are more common, because it is necessary to install a variety of daily necessities. The structure of the inside and outside of the travel bag is more complicated. All kinds of travel equipment are basically placed in exclusive places, such as water cups, knives, etc., travel, and now there are waterproof cell phone pockets, earphone jacks, etc. It may also be equipped with a place where the computer is placed.

    The backpack is a general term for a Travel Backpack Bag Manufacturers that is carried on the shoulders. According to the different purposes of the shoulder bag, it is divided into two shoulder computer backpacks, shoulder sports backpacks, shoulder casual backpacks, shoulder bags and bundles, military backpacks, mountaineering bags and so on. According to the material, it will become a canvas bag, an Oxford cloth bag and a nylon cloth bag.

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